Fixed Panels

Solarway has a wide range of monocrystalline solar panels that we have access to, however, for the immediate future, we are stocking the 100W, 150W and 200W solar panels along with the PWM solar controllers and solar panel mounting kits.

The Solarway Monocrystalline Solar panels have a 10-year Manufacturing Warranty, 12 Year Warranty @ 90% Output and a 25 Year Warranty @ 80% output.

The front glass is tempered low iron and the frame is anodised aluminium.

There is an IP67 Waterproof junction box with bypass anodes and MC4 compatible plugs on the 4mm cable.

Flexible Panels

SunMan is one of the worlds leading suppliers of Semi-Flexible Solar Panels for the RV, Marine and Domestic markets. 

SunMan has come up with a concept of semi-flex panels to suit most requirements.

By having the panels pre-glued the ease of installation on these panels is second to none. Simply pull off the protective paper and place on the roof then push down and leave for 24 hours. The adhesive glue can be easily removed if needed to move or replace the panel, making flexibility a key feature.

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