Select Scoop - June 2019

Welcome to the first installment of Select Scoop!

In April I visited Forest River, the manufacturer of Cherokee caravans. I inspected the production facilities in Indiana and finalised the modifications needed for New Zealand certification. The production facilities are impressive, with each factory producing at least 22 units per day in an 8-hour shift.  Every caravan goes through 7 quality assurance stations on its way through the factory as each major section is completed. It's a great system and ensures that any The long journey home gave me time to reflect on my decision to introduce a new caravan product to the New Zealand market.  In this month's Select Scoop, I cover the key reasons why our caravans are a fantastic choice for Kiwis. But first, I have some exciting news.  Three new Alpha Wolf caravans have been ordered and we are expecting delivery in August!  One is a 23RD and we've also ordered two of the popular 26DBH.  Find out more about these models below...

Alpha Wolf 23RD

At 8.9m (hitch to bumper) the 23RD features a slide-out expansion, housing a large pantry, table and four chairs.  This is a great option for those who have difficulty maneuvering in and out of a dinette.  The 23RD has a spacious rear lounge and fully equipped kitchen.  The large private master bedroom has a full-sized queen bed with ensuite/walk-through bathroom.

Alpha Wolf 26DBH

At 9.6m (hitch to bumper), this is a great option for families.  The 26DBH features two entrances. The rear entry provides direct access to the bathroom, without bringing half the beach through the caravan!  Double bunk beds are also located at the rear.  This caravan has a fully equipped kitchen and a large slide-out expansion, housing a dinette and sofa.  The private master bedroom has a full-sized queen bed and plenty of storage.

The 26DBH was awarded "Best of Show" in its category by RV News Magazine, USA.

Why Select Our Caravans? 

Strength & Durability

Cherokee caravans are known for their strength and durability.  In large part, this is due to engineering expertise and quality control.  As an example, the chassis of every Alpha Wolf caravan is extremely strong, built from 20cm (8") steel I-beams.  This means less flex and less maintenance over time.


Our range is built with North American seasons in mind.  Having lived in Canada and most recently in New York, I can attest to how harsh North American winters and summers can be.  Alpha Wolf models have incredibly high standards of insulation, including 5cm (2") thick laminated walls and slide roofs, as well as an enclosed underbelly. These thermal properties will help to extend your camping season!

Spacious Interiors

All of our caravans are loaded with features, automation, and comforts, but also include spacious interiors that are unmatched for convenience and functionality.  Our caravans feel roomy due to high ceilings and the considerate positioning of furnishings and slide-outs.  No more squeezing past family and guests to get to where you want to go! 

Introductory Offers

Have you seen our amazing introductory offers yet?  We have substantial discounts on all models.   You can save up to $6,000 for any caravan purchased or deposited prior to 31 August 2019.  Why not use this saving to upgrade with solar or air conditioning - or just pocket it towards your next adventure.  Be quick we won't extend these offers.

Happy caravaning

David Sharp
Founding Owner
Select Caravans

NZMCA Member # 88403

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