Select Caravans’ 1-Year Warranty provides you with the peace of mind to travel around New Zealand knowing your new purchase is covered. Select Caravans provides the original purchaser only a 1-year Warranty, commencing on the date of delivery, that the product’s workmanship and materials will be free from defects.

Select Caravans or a Select Caravans approved repairer will undertake all Warranty repairs and replacements.  Warranty repairs and replacements will be free of charge at Select Caravans base in Auckland or a Select Caravans’ approved repairer unless an on-site repair is requested in which case a service call fee may apply.

Select Caravans will not reimburse the owner under the Warranty for repairs or replacements undertaken by an unauthorised repairer, and/or the owner has not gained prior written consent from Select Caravans. 


1.0 General 

    1. For the avoidance of doubt all Select Caravans Caravans, Fifth Wheels and Destination Trailers will be referred to as an “RV” throughout this document
    2. In relation to the RV Model only (and not, for the avoidance of doubt, the Installed Appliances or the Appliances & Accessories), Select Caravans warrants as set out in this Warranty document.
    3. To the extent possible, Select Caravans will use its reasonable endeavours to pass on the benefit of all manufacturer warranties relating to the Installed Appliances and/or the Appliances & Accessories (but, for the avoidance of doubt, not the RV Model) and will make reasonable efforts to ensure the manufacturer honours such warranties. 
    4. Select Caravans shall not be bound by nor be responsible for any term, condition, representation or warranty other than that which is given by the manufacturer or by law (including the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 and the Fair Trading Act 1986). The provisions of Part 3 of the Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017 (Sale of Goods) are expressly excluded.
    5. If the Business Purposes section of the Commercial Terms RV Sale Agreement has been completed as "Yes", the Customer confirms that the Products are being acquired for business purposes and the provisions of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 will not apply.
    6. This Warranty is subject to the laws of New Zealand and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of New Zealand. 
    7. If any provision in this Warranty shall be found or held to be void, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. 
    8. The purchaser or any other person shall not assign the benefit of this Warranty without the prior written consent of Select Caravans. 

2.0 What Is Covered Under This Warranty

    1. Forest River Inc. manufactured components will be leak free (silicone included).
    2. Original powdered chassis components (excluding adjustments and rubber components).
    3. Original suspension components (excluding adjustments and rubber components).
    4. Forest River Inc. manufactured walls and roofs (Warranty limited to delamination, cracking, pitting and deformed cladding).
    5. Covers workmanship and materials against defects.

3.0 What Is Not Covered Under The Warranty

The Warranty will not apply in certain circumstances, including where the RV has been:

  1. Used for a purpose other than which it was designed;
  2. Used for commercial purposes;
  3. In an accident;
  4. Towed by a vehicle other than a standard passenger vehicle.
  5. Specific types of damage including:
    1. Wear and tear when the RV has been used for permanent living purposes;
    2. Tears, punctures, and fading to fabric items; or
    3. Damage caused by alterations or repairs undertaken by a repairer without approval.
  6. The Warranty does not extend to maintenance (Refer section 5.0) items that are the responsibility of the purchaser.  

4.0 Other Warranties

    1. The benefits given to you by this Warranty are in addition to other rights and remedies of the consumer under various laws (such as, but not limited to, the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 and the Fair Trading Act 1986) in relation to the goods or services to which the Warranty relates. 
    2. Subject to clause 4.1 and any statutory implied terms that cannot be negated or amended in any respect, this Warranty and the rights and remedies of the consumer in relation to the goods or services to which the Warranty relates contain the whole of Select Caravans’ obligations.  An approved repairer of Select Caravans or any employee of Select Caravans is not authorized to extend or enlarge this Warranty. 
    3. Select Caravans’ RVs include equipment and fittings, such as cooking appliances, refrigerators, and accessories that are separately warranted by their manufacturer and not covered by Select Caravans’ Warranty.  If necessary, Select Caravans will help an owner make a Warranty claim to these individual component manufacturers.

5.0 Your Responsibilities

In addition to clause 6, for this Warranty to apply: 

  1. You must notify, in writing, Select Caravans of any defect within 7 days of the date from which the defect became apparent; 
  2. You must act immediately to make safe the RV and/or any defect relating to gas or electrical appliances or systems, or any circumstance in which the safety of others may be brought into question by a known defect or as a result of an accident.
  3. You must act immediately and take reasonable actions to mitigate any further damage from a known defect.
  4. You must obtain authorization from Select Caravans to arrange urgent repairs; 
  5. You must carry out regular inspections and maintenance (Refer section 8.0) & undertake 12-month annual servicing of the RV by an approved repairer in accordance with Owners Manual or information supplied with the RV; 
  6. You must retain and provide Select Caravans with evidence of the regular servicing in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications referred to in clause 5.5 above by retaining receipts of completed work by the approved repairer servicing the RV.  Maintenance services are at the cost of and responsibility of the purchaser; and 
  7. The RV or parts must not be or have been subject to misuse, abuse or neglect. 

6.0 Exclusions 

    1. Subject to provisions of legislation such as the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 and the Fair Trading Act 1986 (as amended from time to time) that cannot be excluded or limited, this Warranty shall not apply to, or include any of the following: 
      1. Repair or replacement which results from any of the following: 
        1. Use of the RV or parts in any conditions other than its or their intended “normal” use and operation in accordance with the intended use of the RV and parts as instructed by Select Caravans, or as contained in the RV manual or handbook.  If the use or application of the RV is changed after the date of sale, this change must be notified in writing to Select Caravans as soon as possible, and may impact on the terms of this Warranty;
        2. Misuse or abuse or neglect of the RV; 
        3. Lack of proper and punctual maintenance and regular servicing as set out in the Owners Manual and the other operating instructions supplied with the RV ((Refer section 8.0 of this warranty); 
        4. Repairs improperly performed or performed without the approval of Select Caravans or replacement parts improperly installed by any person other than an approved agent of Select Caravans or Select Caravans; 
        5. A replacement part or accessory fitted to the RV which does not conform to the manufacturers’ specifications; 
        6. Modification and remodelling without written authorization from Select Caravans; 
        7. Deterioration due to normal use and exposure; 
        8. Damage from environmental conditions such as airborne fallout, salt, sand, stone, hail, windstorm, lightning, flood and the like.  You acknowledge that salt exposure will always corrode metal and such corrosion is not covered by the terms of this Warranty; 
        9. The RV or parts become of unacceptable quality due to acts of the user or third party or reasonable steps are not taken to prevent the RV or parts from becoming of unacceptable quality; 
        10. The RV or parts are damaged by abnormal use; or 
        11. Select Caravans' RVs are not designed for hard/high impacts, heavy landings, severely rutted roads, or tracks. Select Caravans' RV’s are not designed for use on 4WD-only tracks. The following items are not covered under our Warranty: 
          1. Impact or stone damage to body, chassis or running gear.
          2. Water/dust ingress causing deterioration or soiling of fabrics and internal fitments.
          3. Water ingress damage due to water crossings. 
          4. Movement or damage caused by appliances and fittings dislodging, resulting from hard/high impact, heavy landings, severely rutted roads or tracks.
          5. Damage arising from misuse or incorrect setup or prep of RV. 
    2. This Warranty does not include or apply: 
      1. To items not supplied by the Select Caravans; 
      2. To any damage to the RV caused by corrosion, undue overloading, misuse, neglect or accident, nor does it apply to equipment that forms part of the RV, which has been altered in any way by a person other than an approved repairer of Select Caravans or by Select Caravans; 
      3. To any items manufactured by others, whether or not such items are warranted by their respective manufacturers consumable, perishable or wearing parts (including but not limited to lubricants, tyres, brakes) warranties; 
      4. To any defect to the RV which results from the fitting of accessories where these items have not been fitted in accordance with the Select Caravans specific instructions; 
      5. If the RV or parts are caused to become of unacceptable quality by someone other than Select Caravans or reasonable steps are not taken to prevent the RV or parts from becoming of unacceptable quality; 
      6. If the RV or parts are damaged by abnormal use; or 
      7. To damage caused by water ingress through the slide-out system.  Damage of this kind can occur if you do not open or close the system to the maximum position, and we exclude this from our Warranty, as we cannot determine whether you have done so.  If there is a defect in the slide-out system, you may still have rights under the law (including the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 and the Fair Trading Act 1986).
    3. Expenses of claiming the Warranty: You will arrange at your own cost, any expense related to claiming the Warranty, including the transportation of the RV or any defective part to and from any approved repairer of Select Caravans or Select Caravans, including but not limited to towing charges or other transportation, freight, courier or postal charges. 

7.0 Limitation of Liability and Remedy 

    1. Where there is a supply to you of goods other than goods of a kind ordinarily acquired for personal, domestic or household use or consumption, the liability of Select Caravans and its agents under this Warranty is limited (at the absolute discretion of Select Caravans) to: 
      1. The cost of replacing the goods; 
      2. The cost of obtaining equivalent goods; or 
      3. The cost of having the goods repaired. 
    2. Various rights under the law including but not limited to the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 and the Fair Trading Act 1986 as well as other legislation cannot be excluded or limited, and this Warranty is to be read and construed as additional to and not restrictive of such statutory rights or warranties.  Unless and to the extent set out in this Warranty and statutory rights that cannot be excluded, all other liabilities of Select Caravans, Associated Entities or their officers, employees or agents are excluded and the purchaser releases and holds harmless each of them from or against any other liability howsoever arising. 

8.0 Maintenance

Maintaining your RV is a critical responsibility for all owners.  Many of the requirements of vehicle maintenance can be performed by your local RV specialist.  The list below represents an overview of basic requirements for all units, but your local specialist can provide a comprehensive list of requirements for your particular vehicle to ensure a long and satisfying ownership experience.

8.1 Before each use

  • Verify total weight is within posted limits.
  • Verify that loaded cargo is evenly distributed.
  • Verify awning operation.
  • Verify levelling equipment operation.
  • Check drain systems for leaks and damage.
  • Inspect 230-Volt breakers and 12-Volt fuses.
  • Verify all appliance operations.
  • Test safety alarms for operation.
  • Check fire extinguisher operation.
  • Check operation of signals and lights.
  • Check tyre pressure including the spare.
  • Inspect tyres for damage and tread depth.
  • Verify slide room wipe seals are functioning.
  • Verify slide room adjustment and operation.
  • Inspect appliance vents for obstructions.
  • Inspect battery, terminals, cables for any signs of wear, corrosion and confirm tightness.

8.2 Every 3 months

  • Check tyre pressure including the spare.
  • Inspect tyres for damage and tread depth.
  • Verify slide room seals are functioning.
  • Inspect slide room seals for deterioration.
  • Inspect appliance vents for obstructions.
  • Inspect and repair seals on walls.
  • Wash exterior with water and detergent.
  • Roll unit slightly to avoid tyre flat spots.

8.3 Every 6 months

  • Verify slide room operation and adjustment.
  • Clean roof per manufacturer's instructions.
  • Inspect roof seals and repair as needed.
  • Inspect the interior for water leaks.
  • Clean window weep holes.
  • Inspect window seals for damage.
  • Inspect baggage doors for adequate seal.
  • Inspect baggage doors for water leaks.
  • Perform necessary appliance maintenance.
  • Inspect the interior for water leaks.

 8.4 Every 12 months

  • Inspect battery, terminals, cables for any signs of wear, corrosion and confirm tightness.
  • Wax exterior walls with liquid or paste wax.
  • Clean and lubricate roof vent mechanisms.
  • Apply reconditioner to slide room seals.
  • Adjust and lubricate window latches.
  • Lubricate exterior steps and jacklegs.
  • Lubricate exterior locks, gears and hinges.
  • Check LPG system.
  • Winterize depending on local conditions.
  • Clean carpet and other interior items.
  • Clean all detector and alarm components.
  • Check anode rod in hot water cylinder & replace when half of the rod has been corroded away.
  • Inspect chassis for rust and scratches.
  • Perform chassis maintenance.
  • Apply MX4 Lanox or similar to chassis
  • Check wheel nut torque values at a certified service centre.
  • Claiming Against This Warranty
  • Select Caravans Limited (NZBN 9429047278028) provides his Warranty.  If you wish to make a claim please contact Select Caravans Limited: 

    Telephone: 09 218 6055  |  021 458 260

    Email: david@selectcaravans.co.nz

    Website: selectcaravans.co.nz