Why Choose Select Caravans?

If you're looking for the best possible value in your next RV - then you have to see our range.  Our range of Caravans, 5th Wheels & Destination trailers are Americas #1 selling RV brand - Cherokee!

With over 20 years experience, selling millions of RV's, Cherokee knows what customers value most and use their incredible buying power and engineering expertise to deliver time and time again. Select Caravans uses that expertise to provide Kiwis with the best value caravans possible. Known for their strength, quality build, comfort & affordability - it’s no wonder they're so popular!

Independent Refit & Verification
  • All our Caravans and 5th Wheels are refitted to comply with New Zealand Gas and Electrical Standards right here in New Zealand by qualified New Zealand Tradesman.
  • All our Caravans are separately and Independently Certified by Independent authorities ensuring that your new Caravan meets all New Zealand Regulations.
  • All major Appliances are sourced from New Zealand suppliers with warranties backed by New Zealand Companies.
Peace of Mind Tow Away Price

All our prices include registration, all certification and 2x full LPG tanks.

Strength & Durability

Our chassis are extremely strong, built from 20cm (8") steel I-beams - meaning less flex. Our aluminium walls and slideouts provide a lightweight and rigid frame.

Great Insulation

Our range have very high standards of insulation, including 5cm (2") thick laminated walls and slideouts, as well as an enclosed underbelly - thermal properties that will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer - ensuring you maximise your camping season!

Spacious Interiors

You’ll be amazed at the interior space with the slideouts extended - the 1.98cm high ceilings and thoughtful positioning of furnishings provide a space that is unmatched for convenience & functionality.

Ground Clearance

Great ground clearance for handling New Zealand roads and campgrounds.


We have a great range of caravans and 5th Wheels to suit your needs

Expandable Caravans: If you're looking for an expandable caravan that provides more space with all the conveniences of home - then check out our all-new Alpha Wolf range of laminated caravans that are lighter and extremely well insulated (R11).

5th Wheel Caravans: More stable when towing as the hitch better displaces the weight of the trailer over your rear axle and has a more secure anchoring point to the tow vehicle. Our Arctic Wolf 5th Wheels offer a great alternative choice.

Destination Caravans/Trailers:  Destination Trailers, or as often referred to as park trailers, provide all the conveniences of home while away from the every day hustle and bustle of life.


Smaller Caravans:  Wolf Pup Caravans are fully self-contained with ample tank capacities and an abundance of storage space compared to other caravans in its class


So - check out our range, give us a call and Select one of our Caravans.