Andersen Rapid Jack Accessory

Andersen Rapid Jack

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Change a flat on the fly.

  • Works on tandem axle caravans and trailers up to 13,000kgs
  • Lifts to 14.6cm / 5-3/4"
  • Made in the USA
  • Covered under a lifetime warranty

The Rapid Jack is your best friend when fixing a flat tyre or removing a wheel on your multi-axel trailer. Place the small end of the Rapid Jack under the closest good tyre and drive up.

Three simple steps

  1. Place the rubber pad on the outside good tyre
  2. Place the small end of the Rapid Jack between the good tyre and rubber pad
  3. Drive up and change the flat tyre

3-in-1 tool

  • Changes tyres
  • Doubles as a post-block
  • Can be used as a wheel chock

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